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Behind the Scenes: The Latest Humadroid Features Inspired by Reflection

Writing the Humadroid story for it’s blog was more than a trip down memory lane; it turned into a brainstorming session that brought two new features to light. It’s funny how reflecting on your journey can spark inspiration for the road ahead. Let me share with you what’s been brewing in my mind and how your feedback can play a part. 1. Capturing the Pulse of Team Changes: The first idea hit me while reminiscing about the teams we’ve built and evolved over the years.

Reflecting on the Development of Humadroid: Invitations

Navigating the journey of a solo technical founder comes with its unique set of challenges. From coding to deploying applications, the technical aspects often come naturally. However, the multifaceted roles involving accounting, marketing, design, and notably, product development, present a broader spectrum of challenges. While resources abound for tackling marketing and accounting, discussions around product development are notably scarcer. For small teams or products, the key often lies in the articulation of problems through brainstorming and discussion, a task that typically requires a collaborative effort.