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Hey there, I’m Maciej – a bit of a tech geek, serial startup enthusiast, and a software wizard (well, sort of). I kick-started a software house from scratch and rode that rollercoaster with all its ups, downs, and loop-the-loops. I’ve also dabbled in the startup realm a couple of times, hitting the ‘Launch’ button and learning the hard way that it’s not all just unicorns and rainbows.

After wrapping up my consultancy gig, I had a stint at job&talent as an Engineering Director, where I got to play with some cool tech and expand our team in Poland. But hey, change is the only constant, right? Now, I’ve jumped headfirst into my latest adventure: Think of it as my tech playground where I’m fusing code, creativity, and maybe a bit of caffeine-fueled madness to build something awesome.

Join me on this wild ride at, where we’re pushing boundaries, breaking stuff (hopefully in a good way), and having a blast while doing it. Let’s see where this tech rabbit hole takes us!