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ideabug unreleased

Rails engine for managing users feature requests / bug reports and publishing a roadmap. I’m writing it for humadroid, but plan to release as open source relatively soon.

humadroid is some sort of a pet-project that I’ve started in 2021 when facing issues managing people in rapidly growing company. At that time we were already 30-something people and I found it difficult to manage everything - documents, vacations, salaries, one-on-ones, hardware, benefits requests, company-wide announcements and so on. And somehow to get some relax, I’ve started building it for us. It got to the point, where we’ve managed to actually manage our people using it. It’s development got on initially on hold in early 2022 when Prograils got acquihired by job&talent, but since 2023 I’m building it in my spare time, to scratch the builders itch.

formbedly inactive

formbedly was a saas project allowing building and sharing customer forms to gather feedback. What made it special was the fact, that whole tool was fully GDPR compliant and not gathering almost any (until specifically requested) personal data. It got it’s binding in JS (widget on website), as well as for iOS and Android (where users could trigger it ie. by shaking the phone).

tiomsu inactive

tiomsu was a saas projects for groups collaborating on links and/or notes. Primary goal was to create a tool, where group of people can share links. We’ve used it for some time ie. when onboarding people. Because of lack of interest it was shut down, nonetheless recently I’m thinking about upgrading it and publishing as open source


Rails engine allowing translating Rails apps on the fly. It’s not longer activaly maintained, but still works. We’ve used it in Prograils almost in every client project (we preffered to work in English, majority of our client were Danes)

Prograils Founded 2012, aquihired in 2022

Prograils was a Ruby on rails centric software house, that I’ve successfuly build from scratch with my great co-founder Grzegorz Ciepiel. Our primary service was outsourced software development, but we were also kind of CTOs to hire / CTO-as-a-service if you like - we worked closely with our clients on their product, making with them technological choices and building long-term strategy.