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25th week in review

I’m on long overdue vacation, so this weeks set of links is shorter than I’d like it to be. Same as the next one (most likely) will be, as my connectivity is limited.

  • On traveling light - and I’m a hoarder that would like to become minimalist. Or at least have less useless stuff. But in the end I still buy (or print) a lot of shit. Reading such posts every few weeks makes me think about making a change. And I believe, that someday such post will trigger a significant change. Not this time, but maybe soon.
  • Herman Martinus wrote about his experience of keeping a journal for 6 years. 6 years. Six. God damn it, that’s a lot. And gives fantastic perspective on looking at own life and decisions (or processes leading towards some most significant decisions). The idea of journaling resonates with me, but I never kept doing it for longer than a week. From personal experience it helped me go through some most difficult decisions and I regret being consistent with it.
  • Effective Shell - as console one of the core skills of a developer. It actually should be obligatory for anyone using terinal on day to day basis. Using bare bash might be of concious choice. But using up arrow to find one of previously run commands is not.